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Timmies Location - OC Transpo Bus Location Mashup

This page will show the location of any OC bus which has remained stationary, for at least 5 minutes, within 50 meters of a Tim Hortons.

The page is currently under development. In testing, my software/algorithm seems to catch most of the "Timmy Stops". I should be able to start live data soon. Unfortunately due to OC Transpo data "restrictions", only a subset of the desired results will probably be displayed. Arctic Surf Designs Please feel free to send any feedback our way at admin@arcticsurf.com

The structure of the supplied OC transpo data is such that getting the location of any given bus is nearly impossible, unless the software asks for an immense amount of data, which they do not allow. It is almost like they purposely made this difficult, while still providing "open data". The data provided really only wants you to get location of buses that are close to a few bus stops at a time. It is almost like they dont want us to accesss the information. It is very much different from other transit systems that are more open. The openness of data of other transit system creates an innovative environment which in the long run will reward themselves.

Timmy Stop - Live Data

Coming Soon

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